About Us

Kreatív Vonalak Kft. is not an ordinary web design firm. With more than a decade experience we are old roadsters in the field. Find out more about our creative firm.

What do you need to make your company more successful? To hook tonnes of customers. If you are here to find answers for questions like these then you are seeking the next step for your prosperous company. Maybe you're searching for those experienced creatives with whom you can put your business to a higher level.

Meet our team

In our opinion a good creative team is like a jigsaw puzzle. Every member of the team is a sepecialist on the field. When pulled together they show their true values. In the past ten years we created strategy, designed corporate identity, built website and brand for several hundred businesses. We gain insights how huge can be the difference when a company not just professional, but it also can show this professionalism to its customers.

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What do we do?

Brand strategyBrand strategy

Would you like that people would think about your business as the best on its field? Your brand can be really strong when a consciously planned strategy stands for it. The brand strategy is a marketing policy which serves as guideline for all communication activity of the company. A communication frame with effect on not just the company but its customers as well. We will be your partners in creating this strategy.

Corporate identityCorporate identity

A professional visual presence helps your business to communicate what it really represents. This way your business not just become more remarkable but makes its customers simpler to recommend it. the same face of your business shown deliberately in every channel tells the world that the work inside yout company is professional and well organized. With a unique design we help you to define your business in the market.


The online presence nowadays is not an advantage but a requirement. A professionally designed website can be the main communication platform for your business. It gives much more opportunities for communication than any other media. We create websites for modern and professional look-and-feel, following the best practices of web ergonomy and search engine optimization, keeping the focus on reaching prospects and connecting them with your company.

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Kreatív Vonalak Kft. 
Hungary H-4025 Debrecen, Petőfi tér 10.
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Other contact: info@kreativvonalak.hu